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Thursday, 18 October 2012

[Actual Play] The Burning Wheel (Revised) - Character Creation (Fail Session)

Conrad, Megan and Brogan make characters for the game Burning Wheel. The pitch is a boy is about to burned at a stake for practicing witchcraft and a mage guild has come to put a stop to this madness. A king who cares about himself and greed. A wizard who threatens the balance of the kingdom if he should turn rogue.

Character concepts change as the characters are fleshed out more and more. A knight lord, an apprentice mage and a ex-slave pickpocket are brought into the spotlight. Three fates bound to each other with only darkness approaching. Welcome to Devinshire.

After note: So, we made a lot of mistakes here! Oops! here is the list...

"There is quite a large list of errors that happened that I should of corrected or picked up upon during character creation. Also a few errors were done during the play session as well which is my bad."

"So the first error was the situation. The pitch I tossed out at the start of the game was suppose to be everyone's focal point. It wasn't suppose to be "a thing that happens" but something that builds the entire scene."

"So during CC, I should've had everyone just build their character around that event but instead I allowed everyone to make their own situation. Like Brogan had the overthrow the king.. and conrad had free slaves.. etc.."

"If we were to play again I would need to make a pitch that everyone wants to focus upon."

"Next issue was the fact everyone was suppose to resemble a protagonist. Player characters can have conflicts with each other but they are suppose to work in a reason why they "need" to work together. Sadly, what ended up happening is everyone were so diverse in their beliefs that it opened a lot of antagonist roleplaying."

Download Link: https://www.box.com/s/1e2p9rmq84nsuumtjnmz

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